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Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Male Sex Toys

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

There seems to be some idea out there that sex toys are just for women. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! The fact is, male sex toys are a great way to spice up your private life, either solo or with a partner. For the uninitiated, male sex toys can become part of your repertoire, and you’ll wonder why you went so long without one. There’s something for every taste, from masturbators to strap-ons. But where do you start? Get to know your own tastes with this beginner’s guide to male sex toys.

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What Are Male Sex Toys?

Male sex toys encompass all types of exciting possibilities. They are designed specifically to make men go wild and promise to titillate all of your sensitive areas. You may have seen some of these before—like a penis enlarger given as a gag gift. But these serve as more than a one-off joke—they can provide hours of entertainment and serious pleasure. Some involve penis play, while others involve a little back-door action. Some are meant to mimic the real thing, while others take you in a new direction!

Who Can Use Male Sex Toys?

Well, it’s clear by the name that these toys are designed to bring pleasure to males. However, that doesn’t mean that the ladies can’t enjoy the results. After all, bringing your male partner to ecstasy is part of the fun, right? Some of these toys are specifically designed for individual use, but others, like strap ons and bondage gear, can be used for couples play (or more!).

Types of Male Sex Toys

Men's sex toys come in a huge range of designs and products. Here are some of the toy types for you to play with.

Anal Beads

Master Series Scepter 10 Function Silicone Penetrator

If you’re new to sex toys and you’re looking for a different form of stimulation, anal beads may be just the place to start. These toys start small, and as you get more comfortable and you start getting revved up, you or someone else can start amping up the fun. This is a great toy for beginners, especially if you’re new to anal play. Don’t forget the lube!

We recommend: Master Series Scepter 10 Function Silicone Penetrator

Male Vibrators

Adonis 10 Function Vibrating Stroker

Vibrators aren’t specifically for men, but that doesn’t mean it can’t help get you off. Male vibrators can be small and provide focused points to bring you joy. Many strokers, masturbators, butt plugs, cock rings, and prostate massagers all vibrate, adding an extra pleasurable dimension to your experience. Run a vibrator along your sensitive areas, or let your lovers take control. Foreplay has just reached a new level!

We recommend: Adonis 10 Function Vibrating Stroker

Butt Plugs

Rocks Off Butt Boy Vibrating Black Anal Plug

For many men, anal play is an unbeatable form of fun. One way that you can enjoy this is with the help of butt plugs. They are specially designed to stimulate your nerves and have a unique handle on the end for safety. In fact, with a butt plug in place, you can pull double duty and also engage in penis play. It’s important to note that when it comes to anal play, you should only use toys meant for that purpose; otherwise, you run the risk of injury.

We recommend: Rocks Off Butt Boy Vibrating Black Anal Plug

Cock Rings

LELO Tor 2 Luxury Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring<

The cock ring is one of quintessential toys for men. Essentially, a penis ring allows you to last longer and have more powerful and intense orgasms. If that sounds appealing to you, it’s definitely time to invest. Essentially, the ring helps to constrict blood flow and can be used during masturbation or with a partner. For beginners, a stretchy style is probably a good place to start. As you start to get bolder and more adventurous, you can start to experiment with new materials and firmer rings that promise a long, intense climax. Add some variety by using a vibrating cock ring. The vibrations will practically set you on fire, and if your partner is a woman, she can get off as well, thanks to the vibrator being close to the clitoris. For the submissive in you, consider cock rings with added restraints like a cock cage—but that’s not for beginners. If you’re looking for a good place to start your toy collection, a cock ring is it.

We recommend: LELO Tor 2 Luxury Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring

Male Masturbators

Fleshlight Go Surge Realistic Vagina Masturbator

This is a classic category of toys for men. When playing with yourself, have you ever just wanted a little more? A masturbator is specially textured to bring you unbeatable sensations. In fact, some are so realistic that some folks think it’s better than the real thing! There are masturbators designed to mimic the mouth, vagina, or anus, and many come in a discreet package that’s easy to hide. For the techies, you may even want to consider a masturbator that’s complete with internal motors that give you a whole new level of intensity.

We recommend: Fleshlight Go Surge Realistic Vagina Masturbator

Penis Pumps and Enlargers

VX2 Performance Enhancement Pump

Believe it or not, this is a very real product and can be a great way to play, either solo or not. A pump can be used to engorge your penis for a bigger, longer feel. The pump totally encapsulates the penis and encourages blood flow and can make you more sensitive during sexual activity. When used regularly, you may notice a small change long-term. If you want a different method of getting an erection, this is the place to start. If you wear a cock ring before using the pump, you can extend your time with enhanced length and girth.

We recommend: VX2 Performance Enhancement Pump

Penis Extensions and Sleeves

Penis Extensions and Sleeves

If you’re interested in trying something new, a penis extension may be just the trick. This toy does exactly what you think—extends the length and girth of your shaft. The toy fits over the penis and immediately adds to your size. This can be a fun toy for men who aren’t pleased with their size. But not only that, penis extenders came in different materials and shapes, offering your partner new sensations in both size and texture. It’s also perfect for someone simply looking to introduce something different into the bedroom without making a huge investment. Perfect for newbies, sleeves and strokers are simple and discreet. They can be used by yourself or with someone else, and are a great way to introduce yourself to toy play. Sleeves go along the length of the shaft and surround it with new textures. Many men really enjoy this type of toy as first timers, as they are pretty tame.

We recommend: Deluxe Vibrating Waterproof Jelly Penis Enhancer Sleeve

Prostate Massagers

LELO Hugo Luxury Powerful Remote Control Vibrating Prostate Massager

Another way to play with all things anal is to invest in a prostate massager. These toys are specifically designed for men and promise to deliver one of the most intense orgasms of your life. Play alone or with playmates and experience what many men have already discovered. Some prostate massagers even vibrate. But be warned, you may start moaning with pleasure!

We recommend: LELO Hugo Luxury Powerful Remote Control Vibrating Prostate Massager

Sex Dolls

Extreme Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator

These do make for great gag gifts, but they can actually provide hours of fun for one. They are life-sized and can act as a surrogate for a human partner. Heck, even if you have a partner you can use this to make a third party—without all the jealousy! These sex dolls range from the cheap all the way up to realistic love dolls. Some of these can feel so good, but the high-quality ones can be a bit of an investment. The only problem is they can be hard to hide when you’re not using them.

We recommend: Extreme Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator

Hollow Strap Ons

Fetish Fantasy Elite 8 Inch Hollow Vibrating Strap On

If you're interested in spicing things up and bringing new sensations into the bedroom, hollow strap ons might be just the thing to try. Similar to penis extensions, hollow strap ons are used to enlarge and extend the penis. Hollow strap ons are an excellent choice for men with erectile dysfunction. These strap ons feature adjustable harnesses to be worn around the waist and legs. The hollow center of the dildos allows the man to insert his penis and go to town!

We recommend: Fetish Fantasy Elite 8 Inch Hollow Vibrating Strap On

Male Sex Toy Materials

You can find male sex toys in a variety of materials, and each of them has different benefits. Depending on what kind of sensations you’re going for, you may want one of the following:

Metal Toys

XR Triad Medium Triple Cock Ring Set

Metal toys offer a new level of sexual excitement. The cool metal can introduce new sensations like chilling or heated toys into your playtime. Heat your metal up in some warm water, or cool it down in the fridge for variable temperature sensations. Metal toys are made with stainless steel and can last you a lifetime with proper care and storage.

We recommend: XR Triad Medium Triple Cock Ring Set

Silicone Toys

Aneros Eupho Syn Male Prostate Stimulator

Silicone is practically a miracle worker. It can mimic skin and give you a realistic feel. Add some water-based lube to your silicone toys and get in an excellent groove. Silicone toys are hypoallergenic, non-porous, and can be easily cleaned by boiling in water. Note however that silicone toys should not be used with silicone lubricants. Silicone lubricants can damage a silicone toy.

We recommend: Aneros Eupho Syn Male Prostate Stimulator

Glass Toys

Icicles No. 54 P-Spot and G-Spot Glass Massager

For the ultimate in temperature play, glass can provide a lot of excitement. Glass can be cooled or heated to bring you deliciously intense feelings. And don’t worry about the glass breaking - Pyrex glass is specially formulated to be virtually indestructible. Use lashings of the lube of your choice when playing with any glass toys. Wash with warm, soapy water, or use a toy cleaner to disinfect and sterilize.

We recommend: Icicles No. 54 P-Spot and G-Spot Glass Massager

Caring For Your Male Sex Toys

While some toys may not be very expensive, it’s still important to protect your investment so that you can keep getting pleasure for a long time. That being said, it’s absolutely critical to clean your toys before and after use.

Male masturbators can be particularly tricky to clean, but do it shortly after using them. Invest in antibacterial toy cleaners or use soap and warm water. Take time to run water through your toys (especially masturbators) but flushing it under the faucet.

Another aspect to toy care is storage. Some masturbators, like Fleshlights, include a cap on the toy, but you may still want a place to store it when you’re not using it. Consider investing in a toy box, and we highly recommend using lint-free storage bags to keep your toys separate. It’s actually possible for different materials to interact with each other—and not in a way you had planned. Deformities and melting can happen.

If you have vibrating toys, it’s good practice to take the batteries out when they aren’t in play. The batteries will last a little longer, and you won’t run the risk of battery corrosion. When it comes to lube, be sure to use water-based lubricants—oil and silicone based lubes can potentially damage silicone toys.

Choosing a Male Sex Toy

As you can see, the best sex toys for men encompass quite a range of fun times. It can feel overwhelming with all of the choices available, so consider some of these factors before making your purchase.

  • Budget – men's toys have a huge range in prices. From inexpensive cock rings to life-like love dolls, there’s something for every budget. Think about what you’re willing to spend and go from there. Masturbators and cock rings are generally on the less expensive end of the scale, while pumps and prostate massagers can be a little more.
  • Type of Play – There are two main ways male toys work. One is for penis play, while the other is for anal play. Not everybody wants some back-door action, so consider which way you want to play. If you can’t decide, get both!
  • Size – This is extremely important when it comes to male toys. For example, if you are new to anal toys, you’ll want to start small and work your way up. You’ll also want to make sure that anything designed to hold your shaft is large enough to do so. The last thing you want is too get stuck in something that doesn’t fit. This is particularly important with masturbators with rigid casings.
  • Material – As you know by now, toys come in different materials. Think about if you want something that’s more rigid or flexible and go from there. Silicone is silky and flexible, while materials like glass and metal offer a different experience altogether.

How to Play With Your Male Sex Toys

To get started playing with your new toys, it’s time to get yourself in the mood. Watch an adult movie or have a partner start getting your engine going. Always make sure you start with clean toys.

Lube is an absolute must. Because some toy materials are sensitive, you should typically use water-based lubricants—you don’t want to damage your toys and cause them to break down. Coat the toy you’re going use with lube, as well as your penis or anus. If you’re using a masturbator, take care to get lube everywhere you need it to go—you don’t want to hit a dry spot, which can throw off your game and be super uncomfortable.

If you’re new to anal toys, start slowly. It’s not only deliciously pleasurable, but it also gets you used to a change in size without pain. Bear in mind that cock rings and masturbators are designed to be a little snug, which just makes the feeling so much better.

Sex toys for men are an excellent way to feel masculine while bringing yourself or a partner to new heights. Get started today and you’ll wonder why it took you so long!