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The Ultimate Male Masturbator Buyer's Guide

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Male masturbators are sex toys for the manly side of the sexual equation. Designed to enhance male masturbation, these specialty sex toys offer a soft, tight and realistic feel to give a man the stroking experience of a lifetime. Often lined with ticklers and teasers in the form of ribs and other textures, they can provide powerful stimulation and rock-solid orgasms. Male masturbators come in stunning array of shapes and sizes, but for the most part, they fall into three general types, and each style has its own strengths and weaknesses.

What are Male Masturbators?

Pocket pussy masturbators are usually near realistic and made to closely resemble a woman’s body. In fact, a great many of them are molded to replicate the features of popular porn stars. Realistic masturbators can include any – or all – of the various parts of a woman or man’s body, and they can include highly accurate representations of breasts and faces, legs and feet and in the case of more expensive models, life-like hair. Many porn stars consider it a status symbol when manufacturers build masturbators based on their bodies and facial features. More durable and life-like than many other types of masturbators, these toys prove ideal for men who desire a long-term ‘partner’ to share their sexual adventures. Some of these fake vaginas include titillating special features from egg vibrators to active inner sleeves to enhance a man’s quest for ultimate pleasure.

If you think sex toys are just for women? You need to reconsider that idea: many men find their male sex toys a are daring way to spice up their sex lives in solo action or with a partner. If you’ve never tried one, you should know that many couples find that male sex toys can become a regular and exhilarating addition to their playtime repertoire. Designed to cater to every sexy whim and taste, these masturbators range from strap ons to much larger and more realistic offerings.

Male masturbators can present all sorts of exciting possibilities to the adventurous among us. Designed specifically to drive men wild, titillate to the maximum and provide rock-hard erections, these toys are now highly sophisticated tools for male pleasure. They’re no longer simply gag gifts but are now capable of providing hours of entertainment - and thunderous pleasure.

While some are meant to mimic the real physical experience of sex, others bring a high-tech spin to pleasure and spin off into unique, daring directions.

Who Uses Male Masturbators?

While the name might indicate that these toys are designed solely to bring pleasure to men, it’s a mistake to think ladies can’t join the fun. Women know well that bringing their male partner to earth-shattering ecstasy is satisfying for them as well, but they also know their partner’s joy can spill over into experimentation of all sorts. Some of the toys are specifically designed for use by individuals in solo play, but others from strap ons to bondage gear to electrostim toys are ideal for couples play and make spicy additions to group settings.

Masturbator Materials

Masturbators come in a variety of materials, but in the main, they're made from the same sorts of materials used to design women’s toys. Each of them has various benefits and each may have certain limitations.

  • Metal – Metal toys can introduce new sensations into the game such as chilling or heating the materials to provide various sensations not available in vanilla playtime.
  • Silicone – Silicone ideally mimics skin to provide a realistic feel, and the introduction of a water-based lube to silicone toys provides the sort of slippery sensation men – and women – just can’t get enough of in their play.
  • Glass – You might think glass is only used for women’s toys, but it can deliver ultimate in ‘temperature play’ as it’s cooled or heated to bring you exhilarating and alien sensations to sex acts. The glass used in these toys is virtually indestructible as it’s specially formulated to provide pleasure under the roughest of activity.

Types of Male Masturbators

Ass Masturbators are for men who love anal. Ass masturbators mimic the anal opening of a woman (or man) and are typically a bit tighter then their vaginal counterparts. We recommend:

Kristina Rose UR3 Pocket Ass Masturbator

Kristina Rose UR3 Pocket Ass Masturbator

Mouth & Blow Job Masturbators are a great addition to any bedroom. Every man loves a good BJ and blow job toys are a great way to get your fix. Mouth masturbators are also great for couples and can serve as a relief for the other partner whose jaw is getting tired! We recommend:

Fleshlight Pink Mouth Wonder Wave

Fleshlight Pink Mouth Wonder Wave

Pocket Pussy Masturbators are discreet and portable male masturbators shaped to resemble a women's vagina. Tight, realistic, and textured, pocket pussies are the ultimate male sex toy to add to your arsenal of pleasure. Stop masturbating like it's the '90s - these toys feel 10x better than your hand! We recommend:

Doc Johnson UR3 McKenzie Lee Pocket Pussy

Doc Johnson UR3 McKenzie Lee Pocket Pussy

Porn Star Masturbators are quintessentially delicious toys for men molded directly from the bodies of famous adult actors. They also lead to powerful and mind-bending orgasms. Names like Sasha Grey, Asa Akira, and more will definitely get you hot and bothered. We recommend:

Lisa Ann Fleshlight Girls Lotus

Lisa Ann Fleshlight Girls Lotus

Fleshlights are classic toys for men who enjoy regular solo play are specially designed and textured to bring you thundering orgasms and unparalleled sensations. Some men find the experience so intense they find using a Fleshlight is better than action with a live partner. In general, Fleshlights are designed to mimic the vagina, anus, or mouth of famous porn stars, and come discreetly packaged to look like a flashlight, and that means their easy to hide. We recommend:

Flight Pilot by Fleshlight Male Masturbator

Flight Pilot by Fleshlight Male Masturbator

Vibrating Masturbators are typically realistic and come in vagina, butt, and mouth varieties and can be a great way to play, either solo or not. The vibrations provide a world of new sensations and pleasure. Running from head all the way down, vibrating masturbators are perfect for those men looking to take their sexual experience to the next level. We recommend:

Extreme Double D Vibrating Vagina and Ass Masturbator

Extreme Double D Vibrating Vagina and Ass Masturbator

Vaginal Masturbators are shaped to be ultra-realistic and both inside and out. Featuring realistic outer lips, coloring, sometimes pubic hair, realistic opening and textured inner walls - using a fake vagina is a great way to spend an evening! Many are modelled after famous porn stars for a little extra fun. We recommend:

Cyberskin Beauty Movable Limb Realistic Masturbator

Cyberskin Beauty Movable Limb Realistic Masturbator

Prostate Massagers are an investment in explosive release and a prostate massager is specifically designed for men. They deliver one of the most intense orgasms of your life whether you play alone - or with edgy playmates. You can experience the joys of the secret many men have already discovered. Some prostate massagers vibrate, and the stimulation they provide can lead to a rigid and ready erection. Warning: the violent, grunting sound of pleasure you may hear when using one is coming from you. We recommend:

LELO Hugo Luxury Powerful Remote Control Vibrating Prostate Massager

LELO Hugo Luxury Powerful Remote Control Vibrating Prostate Massager

Sex Dolls are no longer relegated to the realm of ‘gag gifts,’ and they can now provide a man hours hard-edged fun. These life-sized toys are now sophisticated enough to act as surrogates for a rock-hard and ready human partner. But they’re not just for solo play anymore and you can bring them to the party - with a live partner – to give you both explosive, powerful orgasms without complications and jealousy. These sex dolls range from very inexpensive but useful models all the way up to hyper-realistic ‘love dolls’ with features sure to inspire rock-hard interaction. The higher-quality dolls can be a bit of an investment, but some of these can feel so good they’re hard to distinguish from the real thing. Bear in mind that they can be hard to hide and stow when you’re not using them. We recommend:

Pipedream Extreme Mega Fuck Slut Ass & Pussy Masturbator

Pipedream Extreme Mega Fuck Slut Ass & Pussy Masturbator

Penis Sleeves & Strokers are perfect for those new to the game, and these sleeves and strokers are simply designed and very discreet. They can be used solo or by someone else, and they’re a great introduction to toy play. Sleeves fully surround the length of your shaft and encase it with new textures and sensations. Many men say this type of toy is far superior to even the most educated hand. We recommend:

Deluxe Vibrating Waterproof Jelly Enhance Sleeve

Deluxe Vibrating Waterproof Jelly Enhance Sleeve

Our Best Male Masturbators

The My 1st Virgin Pussy & Ass Vibrating Masturbator is incredibly realistic and made with the highest quality Cyberskin. It feels superb – and looks oh-so-tempting. The best part is that a variable-speed bullet vibrator slips inside, and the result is a leg-stiffening set of sensations to make you come harder than you ever have before.

My 1st Virgin Pussy & Ass Vibrating Masturbator

This Fleshlight Go Surge Realistic Vagina Masturbator is a smooth, lifelike stroker which is ideally sized to tuck into suitcase. Once you’ve arrived, you can slide in and let the hundreds of ridges and nubs stroke every inch of your cock. Realistic lips surround your shaft to bring you explosive climaxes, and simply apply a dab of lube for a truly next level experience.

Fleshlight Go Surge Realistic Vagina Masturbator

The Sue Johanson Super Head Honcho Mouth Masturbator was designed for your pleasure by renowned sex educator, Sue Johanson. She calls this her favorite male masturbator of the year. Lifelike lips surround and clutch your cock as you slip in, and a textured inner tube brings a patented, three-chamber suction system to the party. Designed to massage, suck and stroke your shaft, this toy will provide you pleasure in the extreme.

Sue Johanson Super Head Honcho Mouth Masturbator

Our Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pocket Pussy with her ultra-realistic lips molded from Sasha's own body, is ribbed within to make you orgasm at lightning speed. Your erection will get harder – and prove more sensitive – than you ever imagined.

Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pocket Pussy

The Kimberly Kane UR3 Porn Stars Pocket Pussy lets you enjoy a true superstar. This new Kimberly Kane Pocket Pussy is made with patented UR3 material, and that material was created specifically for use in male masturbator toys. This revolutionary material means the KK is the most realistic and highest quality toy a man can enjoy.

Kimberly Kane UR3 Porn Stars Pocket Pussy

Caring for Your Masturbator

While some toys are inexpensive, it’s important to protect your investment. It’s of vital importance to clean your toys before and after every use.

Male masturbators can be tricky to clean, but do it immediately after using them and invest in antibacterial toy cleaners. You can also use soap and warm water, but make sure to take time to run water through your toys, especially masturbators and dolls by flushing them thoroughly.

Some masturbators, such as Fleshlights, include a cap on the toy, but you may still want a place to store them when not in use. Consider investing in a toy box, and we recommend using lint-free storage bags to keep your toys separate to avoid damage and prevent different materials from interact with each other in unintended ways. Those interactions can result in deformities and melting, so keep your toys safe by storing them properly.

In the case of vibrating toys, it’s just smart to remove the batteries when they aren’t in play. The batteries will last longer, and you won’t run the risk of battery corrosion.

Lube is an absolute must and a delightful addition to your play. Some toy materials are sensitive to lubes, so water-based lubricants are the first order of business. Coat the toy you’re going use thoroughly with lube. You can also apply lube to your shaft or anus, and if you’re using a masturbator, take care to apply lube everywhere - you don’t want to hit a dry spot and bring your game crashing to a halt.

When it comes to lube, make sure to use only water-based lubricants—oil and silicone based lubes can potentially cause damage your toys.

If you’re new to anal toys, start slowly and choose the correct size. While they can be deliciously pleasurable, they can also bring you some pain if not correctly sized. Cock rings and masturbators are designed to be snug, and after all, that’s the preferred sensation to make them feel so much better.

Male masturbators are an excellent way to express your masculinity and bring yourself or a partner to new heights and raging orgasms. So take the plunge and get started today. You’ll wonder why it took you so long to discover the joys of these exciting tools.