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Anal Depth Training

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Anal depth training or deep anal training is a type of sexual training that focuses on deep insertion of objects into the anal's cavity. Just like any other practice, as the depth anal training progresses, the individuals should be able to insert penises or other sex toys deeper and deeper into the anal opening. Unlike other anal training types, the depth training is concerned with how far the objects enter the body, not how thick or large the inserted items are.

As a sexual exercise, deep anal training is usually imposed or encouraged either by the dominant partner. Alternatively, the reason for starting anal depth training might be because the person enjoys being fisted, anal sex, or wants to take the anal pay to a more advanced level.

When it comes to depth training, the receiving partner should overcome two key challenges. First, the submissives must learn about the puborectalis sling, more specifically how to relax it. This is a muscle that creates the rectum's curve so it is convoluted the anal depth training will not be possible. The second challenge is to learn how to associate the deep pressure of anal penetration with pleasure. For this purpose, the receiving partners should get in touch with the sensation of the penetration and focus solely on relaxing the body. During deep anal training, many people have found deep breathing helps immensely. The position of the body aid relaxation as well, so make sure to do the training while kneeling, on all fours, or by sitting back on a toy.

There are many anal toys that can be used for anal depth training such as probes, vibrators, and dildos. However, there are tools that are available on the market that are designed especially for this type of training. These toys are called Slinks and can be extremely useful.

Finally, the receiving partners should never feel pain while deep anal training. Discomfort and pressure are normal, but feeling pain is not. In this scenario, the receiving partners should listen to their bodies and stop the training immediately. Do not push too far beyond the limits of your body as you may cause injuries. Always use lubricants and start off as slowly as possible.