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Anal Torture

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Anal torture is a BDSM activity that involves inflicting pain upon the submissive's anus. Both, man and women can be anally tortured.

Due to the many nerve endings placed on the anal opening, it represents one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Reasonably, anal torture is considered to be riskier and more painful than many other BDSM practices. The true BDSM lovers regularly perform it anyway.

There are several different ways to torture the anus of the slave or submissive partner. The BDSM anal torture can be done either with or without using instruments designed for anal penetration. The torture can also involve exposing the anus to intense temperatures, such as ice cubes, hot pokers or inserting chili pepper or ginger root into the anus.

As a part of the anal torture, the dominant can choose to have anal sex with the submissive or penetrate the anus with their fist or digitally. The BDSM anal torture often includes tools as anal probes, dildos, and needles.

Since anal torture is more painful and intense than the other kinds of anal play, not everybody likes or enjoys it. For the ones who choose to execute the anal torture, we suggest agreeing upon what should and should not be used during the activity first. Keep in mind, the anus can be easily torn, therefore the dominant is advised to use lubricants and be careful during the BDSM anal torture. If there are needles involved in the play, the dominant should sterilize them in order to avoid various bacterial infections. Needless to say, during anal sex, the dominant is recommended to always use a condom.