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Anal Training

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Anal training, as the term itself suggests, describes the training of the anus to become prepared for anal sex. Even though the majority of people do not consider anal sex to be different than normal vaginal sex, it can be quite painful for the partner if they are not prepared well. Once the body and the anus are ready for anal sex, it can be even more satisfying than ordinary sex.

When it comes to anal sex training, lubricants are extremely important. You can never have an effective BDSM anal training without any touch of grease. The anus is a very gentle and sensitive part of human's body аs there are many nerve endings, so they need to be prepared for penetration.

The lubricants, however, are not only crucial for proper anal training but for comfortable and enjoyable anal sex as well. The first step of the BDSM anal training basically involved playing with the anus for some time. After that period, it is a good idea for the partner to be introduced to various anal toys such as butt plugs. Once the individual starts to feel comfortable with the anal penetration, strap-ons and anal dildos can be also included in the act. Following such performances, an anal sexual activity can be undertaken.

While anal sex is not uncommon in heterosexual relationships, it is considered to be a type of sex that is most common in homosexual intercourses. Regardless of the participants' gender, appropriate anal training is essential to ensure pleasure for both partners.