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Balls Deep

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

As a descriptive term, balls deep is a term that characterizes the depth of intercourse. In literal meaning, balls deep mean that the penis penetrates the vagina and anus so deep that the scrotum of the man touches the base of the vulva or the ass. Since many people love deep penetrations, the practice of inputting the penis the deepest possible into the genitalia of the partner is known as balls deep sex as well. The balls deep is a practice that is present among both, heterosexual and homosexual couples.

While balls deep clearly have a huge sexual meaning, it also can be used outside its sexual context. In everyday life, balls deep signify a person is being deep into a situation or a thing, such as work or a certain hobby. For instance, a person can be "balls deep" into writing or dancing, which means they are very into that specific activity.

Balls deep sex, due to the deep penetration, should always be performed cautiously. First, the penetrator should always make sure their partner does not mind the activity. Before going all the way in, they should ask the partner whether or not the deep penetration hurts them and take an action slowly. Especially when it comes to balls deep anal sex, both partners should be careful and use lubricants in order to prevent any injuries of the ass' base. Balls deep sex should never be forced as it is not a sexual practice everyone enjoys doing.