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Breast Torture

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Breast torture, also known as nipple torture, tit torture or tit discipline, is a sexual practice that involves inflicting pain on the breasts of a person. Because the method is masochistic, breast torture is considered a typical example of a BDSM sexual activity.

The nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, therefore, a variety of techniques and rituals are performed at them in order to initiate sensual pleasure. Due to being delicate, the nipples can also be easily hurt, and that is what breast torture includes.

The pain of the BDSM breast torture is typically applied to the submissive partner, usually a woman, by using different kinds of sex toys to torment the nipples. Among the most commonly used sex toys, there are the nipple clamps that effectively restrict the blood flow in the breasts of the submissive by attaching the clamps to the nipple. With the removal of the nipple clamps, the normal blood flow returns which causes further pain in the breasts.

Other forms of breast torture include using hot wax, spanking the breasts, squeezing, flogging, punching, binding with ropes as well as binding the breasts with chains. A more extreme form of BDSM breast torture is piercing the nipples or twisting them in a very painful way.

The recipient of these BDSM activities receives an emotional pleasure directly via the erotic humiliation and a physical pleasure through the masochism. The point of the breast torture practice is for the dominant partner to humiliate the submissive partner and show authority while triggering pleasure for both of them at the same time.