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 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

A bull, within the context of cuckolding, is a male who is sexually dominant in cuckold relationships. Explained simply, a bull is the person who is having sex with the women in these relationships.

Despite the general term, a bull can also be called either swinger bull or a cuckold bull. There are instances when the bull is called an alpha male as well, even though that exact term is not exclusively used to describe a cuck bull.

Typically, a cuckold bull is a well hung, confident, and a good looking male who sexually pleases wives in ways their faithful husbands are not able to. Whether it is by using sex toys or by simply being skilled, the cuck bulls are often people hard to resist. Such characteristics help the BDSM bull easily find couples that are interested in having three-way relationships.

Although the cuckolds are aroused by the sexual bond their wives share with the cuckold bulls, they are often times humiliated by it. The wife of the cuckold is commonly known as a hotwife.

When their hotwives flirt with the cuckold bulls or even engage in sexual activity, the cuckolds may or may not be present. Due to the transparency, the sexual relationship the hotwife has with the cuck bull is not considered cheating.

To be involved in cuckold relationships, the BDSM bull is often motivated by either financial gain or fun. In most cases, the cuckold bull is chosen by the hotwife, but because every cuckold relationship is different there are times when the cuckold is the one choosing the bull.

For men who are interested in having sex, being a cuckold bull can be satisfying. Contrary, for the men seeking deeper connections, being in the role of a cuckold bull may initiate disappointment and mental upset.