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Erotic caning refers to a technique used in BDSM practices which involves whipping somebody with a cane. More specifically, the dominant partner repeatedly strikes the submissive one, typically on the buttocks. If performed right, the BDSM caning can result is extreme sexual arousal.

The canes consist of four parts and can be made from a variety of materials such as leather, wood, metal, bamboo, nylon, rattan or fiberglass. However, the most important part of the cane in caning sex is the shaft. The dominant partner usually starts with soft strikes of the sub and builds the process gradually. This allows the submissive partner to start feeling the pain as pleasurable and enjoy the process.

Sex caning can greatly vary depending on the strength used and the body parts involved. The genitals, breasts, buttocks, back, thighs, feet and palms are typically the subject of BDSM caning. The partners can choose to focus on a single area or mix it up with a different variation. However, individuals in caning sex must always be careful to stay away from the head, neck, the sternum, tailbone, and kidneys.

Submissive caning is often intense, but extremely pleasurable. However, this technique requires certain training and adaptation of the partners. It is most successful if the partners have agreed upon the terms, limits and a safe word.