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The process of putting a catheter, which is a flexible rubber tube, into the body is known as catheterization.

Within a sexual context, the catheterization is commonly known as catheter play or catheterization fetish. Unlike its traditional medical use, the sexual catheterization is supposed to initiate arousal and in some cases, orgasm. Generally, the catheter play is part of medical plays that involve either doctor-patient or doctor-nurses role-playing.

In the cases when catheterization becomes sexual play's essence, it is ordinarily used to control the bladder. Once inserted inside the body of the submissive, they are no longer in control of their urinary function. By leaving the catheter open, the bladder will simply drain. Opposite, by clamping the catheter, the submissives are not able to urinate even if they want to.

The catheterization, as a form of sexual play, is commonly practiced by BDSM couples. Some of them feel physically aroused when a catheter is inserted into their urethra. Others, get aroused just by thinking of having a catheter inside them. Either way, the people who practice catheter play view it as an extensively exciting act.

However, because the catheterization involves the usage of real medical devices, it should not be performed without medical training. The urethra and the bladder are extremely sensitive body parts, so many precautions are advised. The people who perform catheterization should always wash their hands thoroughly to eliminate germs. The submissive's genitals should also be rinsed and washed.

The participants are recommended to start slow and use a small amount of lubricant to make the insertion easier. It is important to ensure the tube does not get too slippery as it can cause damage to some nerves or muscles. During the process of inserting the catheter, the dominants should wear latex gloves and make sure not to touch the device more than what is required.