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Cattle Prod

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

The cattle prod is an electronic device commonly used by BDSM couples during electrostimulation. As a result, the device known as BDSM cattle prod as well.
The function of the cattle prod is to transmit electricity. The device looks like a long metal rod that ends with, usually, two metallic ends. The rod is the part of the BDSM cattle prod that transfers the electricity, while the electrostimulation is conducted through the ends of the rod.

The usage of a cattle prod often leaves marks on the skin of the receiver. However, such scars peel and fade naturally over time.

As with almost every electrostimulation tool, the cattle prods should always be used carefully. Even though the dominant partner decides on the contact points as well as the frequency of the electrostimulations, it is important to keep the submissive partner's health in mind. Since the cattle prods involve electricity, it is best to be used by people who know how to use them and have experience with electrostimulation tools. In case the prod is not used correctly, it can damage the skin of the receiver permanently.

For achieving a pleasant experience, besides knowing the way such devices function, the submissive should be restrained. Use handcuffs and restraints so that the submissive partner can stay still. Being calm while electrostimulated will increase the pleasure and decrease the pain and the possibility of injuries. Further, before using a BDSM cattle prod, the partners should discuss their desires and limits. Once the limits are set, the dominant partner should keep the play within the comfort zone of their partner. As long as safety is kept in mind, using cattle prod for electrostimulation can be extremely arousing and sexy.