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Clothed Female, Naked Male (CFNM)

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

What is CFNM? This acronym is short for clothed female, naked male. This refers to real or imagined interaction between one or more females who are wearing clothes, and one or more men who are not. This type of scenario usually occurs in a male striptease when the male disrobes as part of the performance, in female domination when the man is required to remove clothes as a punishment such as in CFNM BDSM, or simply in erotic sex games between partners.

CFNM sex represents a power exchange between the traditionally dominant male and submissive female. The naked male is objectified and his nudity in front of a clothed female may increase his submission and vulnerability. On the other hand, clothed females have increased control and given power. She is able to tease him, peg him, cock-and-ball torture and perform bondage related activities or even erotically humiliate him.

As extreme as it sounds, it doesn’t always have to be like it. In real life, there are countless men who are willing to get undressed. Contrary to the standard CFNM meaning, it could even make them feel more confident and dominant. If you are not into femdom as a couple, you can definitely still try out CFNM sex. As a female, you may tease your partner, offer an erotic massage or perform fellatio.

The opposite of CFNM (clothed female, naked male) is CMNF (clothed male, naked female).