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Clothed Male, Naked Female (CMNF)

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Clothed male, naked female, or in short CMNF is a self-explanatory term that points to any sexual activity in which the male participant is clothed and the female participant is nude. These scenarios are most popular in the fetish scene and among BDSM couples so the clothed male, naked female practice is also recognized as BDSM CMNF.

The clothed male, naked female sex scenario has the purpose of emphasizing the dominance and control of the man over the woman, who without clothes is way more vulnerable. In some cases, the CMNF is referred to as a clothed male, nude female, which essentially represents the same thing.

The BDSM CMNF or the clothed male, naked female, in general, can be portrayed in videos, books, movies, photographs, and in real life. The theme of clothed male, naked female is most commonly seen in fetish role-playing scenarios, especially in those where the female partner is submissive and the male partner is the dominant one. The clothed male, naked female scenario can also occur during foreplay and bondage role-playing where the woman does a striptease for her dominant male partner.

Around the world, the clothed male, naked female occurs every night in strip clubs and erotic dance clubs.