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Crotch Rope

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

A crotch rope is a term used to specifically describe a rope bondage technique. It involves a submissive person and a rope that starts from their waits and is worked around their pelvis. For female participants, the crotch rope is woven in between their labia, causing them a certain amount of discomfort.

Solely depending on the goal of the partners, the crotch rope bondage can be used either for pain or pleasure. Because the pressure is determined by the experience both participants aspire to achieve, it is important for them to communicate openly with each other.

Although the crotch rope bondage is mostly performed on women, it can also be used on male submissives.

There is a number of different ways one can use crotch rope. Just as any other type of bondage, the dominant decides whether the submissive should wear the crotch rope over their clothes or underneath them. The submissives can also be completely naked when tied if the dominant partner says so. Essentially, the crotch rope bondage is used to restrain or/and control the submissive. To get the right effect, however, both partners should find great pleasure in the technique.

In case you do not want to use rope or you do not have any, there are many alternatives you can adopt. Webbing, straps, silk ropes, and harnesses are just a few good substitutes to the traditional rope.