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 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

What is a cuckcake? Cuckcake refers to the mistress or side-dish in an affair. More specifically, they are usually part of a cuckquean scene. The cuckcake is the female version of cuckold or a bull, and is a person involved in sexual activities with the dominant partner.

Depending on the level of comfort, cuckcakes may perform in front of the cuckquean or in private with the dominant partner. Usually, the cuckquean is forced to watch which can result in feelings of jealousy. So, it is extremely important to set some rules before engaging in cuckcake sex.

A traditional cuckolding scene involves a submissive male and a dominant female. This method is usually performed by heterosexual couples. The bull is the one who has sex with the dominant female. On the other hand, a cuckqueaning scene involves a dominant male and a submissive female. The cuckcake is the equivalent of the bull and can be either male or female. The technique can greatly vary in what activities are performed, so it is a matter of tastes and preferences.

Additionally, submissive cuckcakes usually allow BDSM activities and like the use of bondage toys. Due to the popularity of the method, cuckcake porn can be found on numerous websites and discussions on forums. After all, being with two females is a huge turn on for almost any male.