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 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

What is a cuckold? A cuckold refers to a person who derives sexual arousal and pleasure by watching his partner engage in sexual activities with other men. Cuckolds can vary on a great spectrum – from being masochistic to being an alpha cuckold. The partner of the cuckold is known as the hotwife.

Also known as a hot-wifer, the cuckold may or may not be married to his partner. However, they must be in a committed relationship. The act of cuckolding is different from cheating due to the fact that both of the partners are aware of and consent to the sexual activities with the third party.

The masochistic cuckold enjoys humiliation and degrading. He enjoys any type of demeaning activity involving his hotwife and her lover. The alpha cuckold, on the other hand, has a clear say in when his wife engages in sexual activities with other men and how. Additionally, he doesn’t accept any degradation or offensive activities. Men with the cuckold role usually love the feeling of being left out and their lack of participation.

Yet, the cuckold play can significantly improve the sex life of a couple. According to some psychological theories, men desire their wives more and have the need to improve, once they have seen her with another man. In addition, BDSM cuckold can be combined with other BDSM techniques such as denial, verbal humiliation or femdom.