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 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

What is a cuckqueen? The term refers to a female who gets aroused by watching her partner being sexually involved with another person. The cuck queen is the female equivalent of the traditional male cuckold.

The key factor is that the woman must be aware and give consent to these activities. The turn-on lies in the willingness of the cuckqueen to participate in these sexual activities. More specifically, the woman can choose to be involved in a simple and kinky way or to be a subject of humiliation and degrading sexual acts. This more extreme practice is common in BDSM. Both the partner and the third person can humiliate, degrade or offend the cuckqueen. However, she enjoys being insulted by her partner and his lover.

Even though cuckqueening sounds strange to many people, it is actually quite famous in today’s world. Many women enjoy watching their partner satisfy another woman while she enjoys his company and abilities. Cuck queen porn can be found on numerous sites and is discussed on many forums.