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 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

In a sexual context, degradation describes a consensual act of humiliating, demeaning, and embarrassing the submissive partner. The technique is used to initiate sexual arousal and stimulation for both partners, as well as the spectators if there are any.

The degradation is a common and widely practiced method by BDSM couples. Hence, the term is also known as BDSM degradation or degradation BDSM.

As an activity, degradation can occur in private and public context. It can also be used in both, non-sexual and sexual context.

From a non-sexual standpoint, the degradation includes insults, verbal abuse, degrading references, forced exhibitionism, verbal and physical belittlement, mockery, forced repetition, and small penis humiliation.

Opposite than that, in sexual context the degradation aims to introduce an intense feeling of submission. Some sexual degradation examples include urinating, spitting, and ejaculating on the submissive partner. When it comes to the couples who practice BDSM degradation, the roles are always divided into dominant and submissive, and the submissive should obey the dominant's rules and orders.

In some cases, the dominant partners even require the submissive to remove their clothes in front of many people like strip clubs and BDSM parties. If the submissive partner does not behave accordingly to the rules, the dominant can choose to use other forms of non-sexual degradation, sexual degradation, or punish the sub with whips, paddles or electro sex toys.