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Electrical Play

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Electrical play is every BDSM type of play in which electricity is used to create different sensations. The BDSM play where electricity is adopted can be either sexual or non-sexual.

Within the BDSM community, electrical play is widely used. That is why the term is sometimes called electro BDSM or electric BDSM.

Most of the popularity of the electro BDSM comes from the fact it can be incredibly versatile. Not only there are a number of ways it can be executed, but they're also are many devices that can be used to initiate forceful sensations. Some of the prevalent electro toys are TENS units and neon/violet wands. To create a shocking feeling on the skin, both the neon and violet wands use static electricity.

The electrical play, in its core, is a powerful method due to its easy execution. Since most of our bodies are composed of water, therefore it allows the electricity to travel faster and arouse the body. As a play, the electro BDSM is easy to learn, and it is allowed to most BDSM parties, even those that have strict play guidelines. Because of the great range in intensity, the electrical play is enjoyed by seasoned players as well as beginners. This type of play can be adjusted to either be painful and heavy or light and sensual, depending on the experience the partners are looking for.

Overall, the electro BDSM is fairly safe, as long as the electrical toys are kept away from the heart. People with medical implants, pacemakers or any other type of heart condition, are not advised to engage in electrical play. This BDSM play is also not recommended for pregnant women.