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 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Enema or clyster refers to an injection of liquid or gas that goes into the rectum which is the lower part of the large intestine. There are extremely frequent uses of the injection in medicine. For instance, it can be used to empty the insides, prepare an individual for an examination or administer medication. However, numerous individuals use it to prepare for anal play.

Anal sex is still a bit of taboo and many people find it disgusting due to the fact that the anus is the area containing poop. However, enemas are used to rectify this occurrence through proper cleaning. Individuals with huge anal experience in enema porn describe water enemas as the best way to prepare for the act.

The enema can be purchased from a pharmacy and can be found by the names hot water bottle or syringe kit. The process is extremely safe and easy. It consists of filling the bottle with water, closing it with a plug, fastening the hose to the plug and finally attaching the rectal clip to the hose. Once you have prepared your tool, head out to the bathroom and insert the rectal clip into your anus. When the water is in your body, make sure to hold it for 3-15 minutes and then empty yourself in the toilet.

An enema shouldn’t be painful. However, first-time users tend to describe it as discomforting. If you want to try this cleaning technique, and you are feeling unpleasant, you can remove the clip and re-insert it once you are ready. The important fact is to repeat the process until the water coming out of the anus is completely clear.

BDSM enema refers to the use of the technique in combination with bondages and other sex toys. Even though enemas aren’t a necessity, many individuals find their use as the perfect addition to their experience. Enema porn has become extremely famous and it provides limitless possibilities for preparation for anal play.