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The term exhibitionist describes a person with an extreme compulsion to expose themselves and/or engage in sexual activity in public. Usually, this includes exposure of private body parts like breasts, vagina, penis, and buttocks. The exhibitionists tend to target complete strangers, however, there are also cases where they target family and friends.

In most modern societies, being an exhibitionist is a crime as it is considered a psychological disorder. Within law books, "indecent exposure" is another term that is used to describe this type of behavior. To the BDSM community, however, exhibitionism is considered a kink rather than a mental disorder. That is why exhibitionist BDSM and exhibitionist kink are both terms that refer to the activity of exposing yourself to others.

Exhibitionistic criminals are the class of exhibitionists that are the most dangerous type of exhibitionists. Their behavior is found threatening because in most cases the exhibitionistic criminals go on to harass people and even worse, execute rapes. While not every exhibitionist is driven by the thought of sexual activity, a study has shown that 35% of the people who tend to expose themselves in public do aim for sex while 20% do not seek any type of reaction from their audience.

Ideally, the exhibitionist tendencies should be addressed as soon as possible through a psychiatric intervention. Even though the majority of exhibitionists do not progress to graver crimes, the behavior is best to be treated promptly.