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Face Slapping

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Face slapping is a sexual activity, often performed in BDSM relationships, which involves the dominant partner showing their power over the submissive partner. Since it is an act of power or a power play, the face slapping emphasizes the dominance of the master while the submissive is humiliated and punished.

Due to the fact that face slapping is a common activity in BDSM relationships, it is also known as BDSM slapping or BDSM face slapping. The activity reinforces the already established roles by reminding the dominant and submissive partner of their duties in the relationship. The BDSM slapping also helps the submissive focus only on what is important, which is pleasing their master.

While face slapping, like sexual activity, is very common for BDSM couples, it can be seen outside the BDSM scene as well. However, regardless of whether the couple is involved in BDSM acts or not, the face slapping itself has a forceful nature. As a result, it carries some risk of injury, so it is important to proceed with caution. Further, the face slapping is not advised to be performed in anger.

Regarding the execution of this activity, the face should always be slapped with a clean and bare hand that is free of jewelry. The best place to do it is between the jawbones and the cheek. A BDSM face slap executed with an open hand or a palm is the harshest, therefore it must be controlled. On the other hand, a finger slap is known to be the most gentle face slap.

Finally, for this activity to be enjoyable for the participants, both of them must have a face slapping fetish. It should only be performed as a consensual and intimate interaction between two adults. The given consent can be revoked at some point, so communication, during this act, is the key. Without consent, face slapping is a basic example of abuse.