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Female Cuckold

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

A female cuckold is a woman who experiences sexual pleasure when her partner is having sexual intercourse with another person. Also known as cuckquean, the female cuckold is basically a wife who has an adulterous husband. Because the fetish of cuckolding is considered to be masochistic, the female cuckolding is a BDSM fetish.

In the role of a submissive woman, the female cuckold eroticizes the psychological humiliation her husband is inflicting by having sex with another person. While the female cuckold derives sexual pleasure from witnessing the sexual activity between her husband and another woman, this is not always the case. A female cuckold can also be a submissive female in a homosexual relationship, where the dominant partner is also a female. The fetish revolves around the enjoyment in the mental anguish that is caused by the fact the committed partner is sexually pleased by another person rather than the gender of the participants.

Any type of cuckolding is not in any shape or form similar to threesomes and swinging. Unlike these activities, the female cuckolds are in committed relationships and in most cases, married to their partner. The swinging and threesomes do not come with the humiliation of one of the partners, but in cuckolding, there always is a humiliated party. In this case, it is the female cuckold.

Although it may seem that the male and female cuckolds are identical, there is one major difference between them. The cuckqueans focus on the pleasure of the person her partner has sex with while the male cuckolds focus on their wives' pleasure. Due to this, the female cuckold tends to sometimes be involved in the sex act suggesting changes of poses, usage of sex toys, or by simply being quietly present.