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Forced Feminization

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Forced feminization, as a pretty self-explanatory term, refers to a practice of making the submissive male-identified partner dress and/or behavior in a feminine manner.

In the relationship, the dominant partner, regardless of gender, is the one enforcing this type of feminization by giving the submissive orders about how they should appear and act.

The forced feminization is typically achieved through cross-dressing, including feminine attire, hairdresser, make-up, and nail polish. There are instances where the male submissive take on specific tasks that are overtly feminine, completely changing their posture and mannerism for regular activities such as walking and sitting. This type of emasculation may be accompanied by punishing the obedient if he is not doing what the dominant partner requests.

As a part of sexual activity, the forced feminization may also include anal sex. In a case when the dominant partner is a female, strap-on dildos are most commonly used. In a case when the dominant partner is also a male, the penetration comes from him or multiple other men. Anal-penetrative toys may also be adopted for the act.

In the kink subcultures and the context of dominance and submission, the forced feminization has a purpose of humiliating the male obedient to do the performance against their will. This is a common part of the fantasy in BDSM practices, therefore a safeword should be always agreed upon.

There is one interesting psychology part that comes to forced feminization and it finds its sources in the society's pressure for traditional masculinity. In this sense, the forced feminization represents an outlet for a man who is drawn to things labeled as feminine and cannot control those feelings. Having someone else 'force' him to do things relieves the angst or guilt he might have felt otherwise.