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The practice of creating human furniture is known as forniphilia. It is an extreme type of bondage where the submissive partner's body is used as a footstool, cabinet, tray, table, chair, or another item. Logically, the practice is also known as human furniture.

The term forniphilia is believed to be coined in 1998 by Jeff Gord after observing Aaron Bradley, House of Gord webmaster, performing it. Today, the practice can be received and performed by people of every gender.

Forniphilia, just like any other type of bondage, has a lot do to with control and power exchange. There typically is a dominant and a submissive partner. In the majority of cases, it is the dominant partner that enjoys the practice but oftentimes, the submissive partner, due to feeling useful to their partner, becomes sexually aroused as well. During the practice, the pleasure increases when the submissive stays motionless and hopes to be used by the active, dominant partner.

Because the submissive subjects are expected to remain still while being tightly bound, the forniphilia is considered an extreme form of bondage. At times, the submissives can be forced to function as a piece of furniture for extended periods of time, causing them some level of pain and discomfort. The dominant partner decides where to position the submissive and which furniture item they should resemble.

Additionally, the submissive's breathing might be impeded by a gag or they might be smothered. To assure safety, however, the dominant partner should make a regular check on the submissive's well-being and overall health.

Dangers can arise, therefore it should be performed by experienced bondage practitioners only.