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Full Body Sensual Massage (FBSM)

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

The massage that someone gives another person with the purpose of enhancing the sexual excitement of the person is called a full body sensual massage or in short FBSM. This type of massage, unlike other traditional massage types, covers the person's entire body including their genitalia as well as breasts. The full body sensual massage is also known as full body erotic massage and it can be part of sex therapy, after-sex play, or foreplay. When performed by sexual partners, the full body sensual massage can be referred to as mutual masturbation.

Nowadays, in countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Romania, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Japan, this full body erotic massage is a legal service, meaning people are free to pay for a professional masseuse or masseur to focus on massaging their genitalia. In the rest of the world, however, this massage is illegal and in some countries, it is even considered tantamount to prostitution. The people who enjoy full body sensual massage but live in a country where it is forbidden to pay for this service are advised to talk to their sexual partners first before thinking about turning to 'service providers'.

Regularly, the FBSM involves the usage of massage oils and other tools in order to enhance the recipient's experience. As an erotic massage, the full body sensual massage commonly ends with a "happy ending" which means that the massaged person reaches orgasm by the end of the session.