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Furry Fetish

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

A furry fetish is a term that describes the sexual attraction to anthropomorphic animals or furries. The fetish may involve wishing to become these animals, drawing them, or communicating online with other people who have the same fetish. The furry fetish may also include sexual interest in stuffed animals.

Although the word fetish, more often than not, is used in a sexual context, the furry fetish does not always point to a sexual attraction. Often, it can refer to the non-sexual fandom for furry characters. Another name for the furry fetishists is 'furries'.

As terms, furry fetishism and bestiality should not be confused. Bestiality refers to a sexual attraction to animals, while the furry fetishism means that a person enjoys dressing up as an animal, being with stuffed animals, or being with people who dress as an animal.

The furry fetishists enjoy the idea of animals, not the idea of engaging in sexual activities with actual animals. In some animated pornography, the furry fetishism can be seen in people, most usually women, dressed as animals with human traits such as bunnies or catgirls.

Within the BDSM community is where the furry fetish is most common. As a result, the kink is known as furry BDSM or BDSM furry as well. The fetish is extremely easy to act out as everything a person needs is a costume of a particular animal.

The furry fetish, especially the furry BDSM, becomes more and more popular nowadays. For the purpose of the furries to gather and talk about their kink, there are conventions where they can meet each other. Additionally, there are websites that are dedicated to furry BDSM, which sell anatomically correct stuffed animals to the people who have a furry fetish.