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Genital Clamp

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Genital clamps are pinching devices worn on the generals before or during sexual activity. Usually, genital clamps are used in BDSM practices for sexual pain or pleasure. Both participants, men, and women can wear a genital clamp to enhance the experience.

The purpose of using genital clamps either before or during intercourse is to increase the sensitivity of the genitals, therefore initiate more pleasure. For women, the genital clamps are placed on the clitoris, which makes the area much more accessible and sensitive. This intensifies the pleasure of the female participant instantly. Women can also apply the clamps to her labia. For men, however, there is only one safe place where the genital clamp can be applied. That is the scrotum's skin as any other placement might seriously hurt the male participant.

When it comes to variations and styles of genital clamps, there are lots of them. To prevent injuries or damage to the skin, many of the genital clamps are made of metal clips covered in rubber. Other genital clamps are not only attached to the genital organ but also to the nipples with chains.

However, if you have not tried using a genital clamp as a sex toy, we highly advise you to start off with testing yourself. The truth is, the clamps do not work for everybody, therefore you need to see whether they will be efficient before you make a purchase. You do not have to begin with an expensive pair of genital clamps as a simple clothespin can serve the same purpose just perfect. As soon as test the sensation and you are sure you like the feeling, you can go ahead and choose the genital clamps that best suits your preference.