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Hairbrush Spanking

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Hairbrush spanking is a form of erotic spanking with a hairbrush to stimulate the erogenous zones while confirming the dominance of the partner in the relationship. The couples who experiment with S&M are also very susceptible to using hairbrushes as a part of their sexual plays. Further, many individuals and couples start with hairbrush spanking before they move on to advanced toys such as paddles, rods, whips, and canes.

In the past, the husbands punished their wives by spanking them with hairbrushes in both non-erotic and erotic ways. The people who are in D/s relationships also practice hairbrush spanking. To receive the punishment, in this case - hairbrush spanking, the submissives can adopt multiple different positions. However, the most popular is the one where the submissive lies front-down in the lap of the dominant partner while he/she punishes them.

When it comes to hairbrush spanking, there are various furniture and implements that are designed to improve the experience. Among the most well-known is the spanking bench. Additionally, if the submissive partner is a female, she can wear a spanking skirt, which is a piece of clothing that leaves the buttocks bare, therefore easily available for a hairbrush spanking.

The spanking with a hairbrush, besides being a type of punishment, can also be a fetish. For the fetishists, there are many groups dedicated to hairbrush spanking.