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 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Hotwife or a slutwife refers to a married woman who has sexual activities with other men with the consent of her husband. The husband himself isn’t sexually involved with other women and is known by the name cuckold or hot-wifer. Hotwifing is the arrangement of wife-sharing and carrying out similar activities.

The slutwife enjoys sex, the attention she gets both from her husband and other partners and the freedom that comes from this lifestyle. The term hotwife originates from men showing off their hot wives and sharing them with other men. It is way different from cheating due to the fact that the husband is aware and fully supportive of the actions of his wife.

However, this concept only works when both of the partners are on-board. The arrangement can fall apart if one of the partners likes to pursue monogamy or isn’t willing to participate in such actions. Numerous couples use hotwifing as foreplay and enjoy talking through this fantasy of faithlessness. Usually, the husband isn’t involved in the sexual activities of the slutwife. Yet, there are cases in which the husband can only watch or even form a threesome.

Hotwife porn has become extremely popular and can be found on numerous sites. Additionally, couples like to combine this arrangement with BDSM toys, which is known as hotwife bdsm. Apart from seeing their wife with another man, husbands can also be turned on by seeing her perform a roleplay, torture or anything of their taste with the use of sex toys or bondages.