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Impregnation Fetish

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Impregnation fetish, also known as breeding fetish, refers to the excitement during unprotected vaginal intercourse caused by the risk of conceiving a baby. More exactly, the partners usually don’t want to have a baby together but are extremely aroused by the uncertainty. The risk intensifies the experience, similar to being caught while having sex in a public place.

Impregnation sex can be arousing both for the male and the female. Due to the fact that the impregnation fetish involves sex without a condom, there is direct contact between the genitals which makes the experience really stimulating for both partners. Furthermore, the man has the control to impregnate a woman, which gives him a sense of dominance and power.

Impregnation fantasy can be satisfied through reading erotic stories, watching impregnation fantasy porn, communicating with like-minded persons or actually performing with a willing partner. The fetish is usually fulfilled with an impregnation roleplay or with the use of BDSM toys.

However, there are high risks related to impregnation sex. Due to the shortage of a condom, there is a risk of getting pregnant. Furthermore, sexually transmitted diseases and infections can be easily transferred from one partner to another. The responsibility of taking birth control pills usually falls on the woman. Yet, the consumption of hormone control tablets or capsules comes with long term consequences to the person consuming them.

Impregnation fetish is usually confused with the pregnancy fetish. However, both of them are separate and distinct from one another. While the insemination fetish is connected to the risk and not the reality, the pregnancy fetish refers to having sex with a pregnant woman or while being pregnant.