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Lactation Fetish

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Lactation fetish is a sexual paraphillia where a person (usually male) derive sexual pleasure from watching a woman lactate, having sex with lactating women, or sucking women's milk-filled breasts. Although the majority of the lactation fetishists prefer lactating women post-pregnancy, sometimes the sexual arousal can be enhanced by a pregnant as well.

The people who have erotic lactation fantasies or lactation fetishes sometimes take part in an adult nursing relationship due to the paraphilic aspect of the fetish. These relationships involve grown-up people, one behaving like a baby, a term known as an adult baby, and the other person in the role of care-taker. An adult baby is usually a man while the woman is the one breastfeeding him. Since the women's nipples and breasts are highly erogenous zones, the lactation fetish can be a highly enjoyable experience for both partners.

Over the last decade, the demand for lactation pornography has increased and more and more people are interested in having adult nursing relationships (ANR). The ANRs are considered to be categorized as so only if the couple practices it regularly. If the practice is not regular, the mil production of the women ceases, so the lactation fetish cannot be carried out.

The breastfeeding itself can also feature other sexual activity types such as masochism and sadism. In such cases, the women change their role into submissives, being forced to produce milk. Alternatively, for the submissive partners who have respected the orders of their dominant partner, the breastfeeding can be used as a reward, known as surrogate pleasure.