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Lotus Sex Position

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

The Lotus sex position sometimes referred to as the Lotus blossom position, is a really intimate position from the Kama Sutra. It is a type of a woman-on-top sex position which even though requires strength and flexibility from both participants, it is rather easy to do.

The Lotus sex position demands the man to sit down on his butt, cross his legs fairly close to his body in a traditional yoga pose. In some cases, the most comfortable option of the male partner is to straighten his legs while sitting on the bed or on the floor. After the man is seated, the female participant sits down on the man's crotch while facing him, and wraps her legs around him. As the male partner enters her, the female partner should wrap her arms around the torso of the man for support.

In the Lotus sex position, the level of intimacy is increased as the participants are facing each other, having the opportunity to be additionally affectionate. Since it allows the couples to kiss and hug each other, the Lotus sex is considered not only comfortable for both the man and the woman, but also very romantic.

This, however, does not mean the people who want more wild sex should not practice the Lotus sex position. Even though it is an excellent position for the ones who love intimate intercourses, sex toys such as nipple toys can also be used to enhance the experience. The female partner grinds and rocks on the man to enable a sensual orgasm, while the man can suck or twist the nipples of the woman or reach around for some anal fingering.