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Male Dominance (Maledom)

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Maledom, short for male dominance, is a BDSM activity that involves a dominant male.

Practices of such domination are frequent in BDSM relationships in various forms like corporal punishment including breast torture, spanking, whipping, canning; body worship including cock and ball worship, fellatio, tease and denial; and humiliation including face slapping, spitting, verbal humiliation, and hair-pulling.

To dominate his female submissive, the maledom usually uses his physicality. Thanks to genetics, men are naturally stronger and taller than women, which gives them an advantage in the game. Often times, the maledom makes sure to constantly remind the submissive of their status by making gestures such as holding them on their back, shoulder or neck. Recognizing a maledom can also be done by paying attention to the way he speaks because they tend to maintain eye contact while speaking quietly and slowly. In the majority of cases, before dominating sexually in the bedroom, the maledom seals the deal outside of it.

Today, given the feminist movement, the BDSM maledom is continually criticized. However, when it comes to male dominance, the female submissive is never forced to engage in BDSM activities. The feminists often forget the submissive females are sexually aroused by the humiliation and the torture of the maledom, therefore it is their choice to be a part of the play. These submissives simply allow being controlled by a naturally more powerful and stronger dominant mate because they enjoy it not because they are forced.

The scenarios of maledom are very common in BDSM fiction these days. Many BDSM-themed works like movies and literature feature BDSM maledom. Among the most popular are the "Fifty Shades of Gray" and "The Story of O".