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 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

A masturbatrix is a sexual term that describes a female dominatrix whose specialty is masturbation of her partner. In the majority of scenarios, the masturbatrix teases her partner with masturbation by not allowing him an orgasm.

Because both, the masturbatrix and dominatrix provide a consensual teasing, sometimes even torture in a sexual way, they are considered to be very similar terms. The difference between these two is that the dominatrix behaves in a way of implying rules to her submissive and most of the times punishes him for his behavior, while the masturbatrix uses her dominance to control the orgasm of her male partner.

Unlike the dominatrix, the masturbatrix adopts multiple techniques to tease and arouse the submissive partner during masturbation. Most often, such techniques include elements of BDSM play and various sex toys, all known to be common for the sexual play known as orgasm denial. The masturbatrix can initiate this erotic sexual denial by keeping the submissive male in a heightened state of sexual arousal for an extended period of time without allowing him to orgasm. For this purpose, the masturbratrix often uses physical restraints such as ropes and handcuffs, which are bondage toys part of a play called "tie and tease".

Besides teasing, the masturbatrix can also choose to punish the submissive for his behavior. therefore, the orgasm denial, besides involving masturbation, can include punishments too.

Although the masturbatrix is the one in control of this sexual play, the teasing and possible punishments should be consensual acts. Otherwise, none of the participants will be able to fully enjoy the activity.