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Medical Play

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

The type of role-playing scenario where one of the sexual partners plays a medical professional while the other is in the role of a patient is known as medical play. In a typical medical play, the submissive partner is the patient while the dominant partner is the medical professional, in most cases, an ordinary doctor. As a role-play, the medical play may simply be a way for the couple to spice up their sex life but it can also be an aspect of medical fetishism.

When it comes to medical play, it often involves the dominant partner intimately examining the submissive, who is a patient. In the majority of the scenarios, the "patient" is dressed in a humiliating costume, stripped naked, restrained or gagged. The quasi-medical procedures and examinations that the dominant partner performs may also include the insertion of objects into different orifices of the submissive and handling their breasts and/or genitals. The inserted object may be frozen or heated in order to initiate various sensations during the medical exam. A common part of this examination part is a strap-on play.

As a sexual practice, the medical play is very common among BDSM couples so it is sometimes referred to as BDSM medical play. This activity is appealing for the partners because both of them find pleasure in it. The submissive partner feels various sensations during medical play, sometimes even slight pain, while the dominant partner enjoys being in control. Just like any other BDSM practice, the medical play should be performed with consent, especially of the submissive partner, because they are the ones who are being used restraints, gags, and different sex toys upon.