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Milking Table

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

What is a milking table? Milking table refers to sex furniture – a table with a hole in which the male is able to accommodate his penis. The main use of this sex tool is receiving sexual pleasure, usually through a hand job or a blow job.

Milking tables are extremely similar to massage tables. The difference lies in the location of the hole and the body part that goes through the hole. Whereas people place their head in the hole of massage tables, the milking table has a specific waist-level hole, big and comfortable enough for the penis and testicles to pass through.

Even though this tool can be used for different types of sex, the most common method is a hand job. The sex tool’s name originates from this method because the process appears as the penis of the male is being milked, similar to a cow’s udder.

The penis milking table is quite universal and is appropriate for any kind of relationship – homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual. The partner usually kneels or sits underneath the table and stimulates the other one until he is fully satisfied.

Even though there is a much simpler way to perform a hand job, this innovative design helps individuals spice up their sex life and increase the pleasure of the partner. Due to its popularity, the hand job revolution has resulted in milking table pornography and masseuses who offer their services and erotic massages.