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 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

In sexual context and especially BDSM role-play, a mommy is a female who is dominant and acts as a mother of her partner. The mommy fetish is an age-play that can involve two or more people.

During this play, the woman called mommy pretends to take care of her young child, which is the submissive partner, usually called 'little'. The littles enjoy the mommy fetish as much as the mommies do.

Just like any other role-play, before performing the mommy fetish, the participants should talk about the scenarios, boundaries, and expectations. While the play lasts, depending on the wishes of the partners, the dominant mommy can nurture her 'little', but also punish them by spanking or whipping them. In case whips and paddles are not preferred by the submissive, they should not be used in the scenario.

One of the most common misconceptions about this fetish is that the mommy play has something to do with pedophilia. Although it may look like they are related, in reality, the mommy fetish is not connected with pedophilia in any shape or form. The majority of individuals who are interested in the mommy fetish do not support incest either. The relationship has more to do with dominance and submission rather than pedophilia itself. The point of the mommy role play is to recreate experiences and emotions of childhood, therefore find sexual arousal by them.