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Within a sexual context, mummification refers to an advanced bondage type in which a person is fully or partially cocooned in a particular material. Among the frequently used materials for mummification, there are the body bag, plastic wrap, bondage tape, plaster, bandages, vet wrap, duck tape, pallet wrap, or other wraps. The mummification bondage has the purpose of leaving the body completely immobilized and restricted.

The mummification, as a sexual act, is regularly used by the people in the BDSM community. Because of this reason, such activity is also recognized as BDSM mummification.

Similar to the other types of bondage, the process of mummification is a matter of choice and agreement between the participants. Once they have established rules, the person is mummified for the period of time both sides agreed to. Most times, the BDSM mummification is done to the entire body, but there are instances where several parts of the body are left unwrapped for additional sensual play.

Previous to engaging in mummification, there are plenty of precautions the participants should consider. As mentioned, communication between the partners is crucial as the point of mummification is not to make the submissive partner feel uncomfortable. Before wrapping the whole body of the submissives, the dominant partners are advised to ask whether the person who will be mummified has any allergies to certain materials as well as whether they are claustrophobic or not. As soon as crucial safety points are established, the BDSM mummification can occur. The body should be mummified in a way that the person is not able to keep their balance while they are wrapped.

The bondage mummification can be great foreplay, but the participants are recommended to act cautiously, keep an eye on the circulation of the mummified submissive and have safety shears nearby at all times.