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Neck Fetishes

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Neck fetish is a sexual interest in the next of usually another person. The sexual arousal is derived from touching, viewing, squeezing, kissing, or massaging the neck of another person. In terms of desirability, the people who have a neck fetish are typically more attracted to women's necks.

Just like any other fetish, the neck fetish is no different in a sense of worshiping a particular body part. Some fetishists even believe the specific object has supernatural powers, and that is where their abnormal sexual gratification towards the objects comes from. In the case of neck fetish, the exceptionally adorn body part is reasonably the neck.

Since the neck is an area of vulnerability and sensitivity, there is no wonder why the female neck especially, provokes sensual arousal. As one of the most delicate parts of the human body, the necks are sensitive to kisses, touch, and massages.

The neck fetish, when sexually practices, frequently involve covering of the neck of the woman with either scarf, hair, or any other material. The point is for the fetishist to be able to eroticize the bare neck and undress it for larger pleasure. This act allows the neck fetishist to cherish the naked neck like a naked body.

The neck fetish is a very common fetish, regularly practiced during sexual intercourses. As mentioned earlier, the fetish can be pleased by kissing and touching the neck, as well as using feathers and different types of ticklers to satisfy the senses of the partner.