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Nylon fetish

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Nylon fetish describes the sexual arousal or interest in wearing or seeing someone else wear nylons. Because this fetish revolves around nylon, as a specific fabric the undergarments are made of, it is connected to pantyhose fetish and the stockings fetish. As a result, the nylon fetish is sometimes called tights fetish as well.

Basically, the nylon fetishism represents the strong and unusual attraction to nylon and people who wear nylon fabrics such as panties and stockings, but also other clothing items that come in direct contact with woman's skin.

Given the fact that the nylon, as a material, was invented in 1938, this fetishism type does not really have a long history. However, it has since found its way to the sex scene and has impressed both men and women. In the dominatrix and mistresses industry, the nylon is simply a must, because most men find it extremely appealing when a woman is wearing shiny nylon stockings. Another common fantasy for people who have nylon but also foot fetishes is the ejaculation on women's feet, dressed in nylon stockings so that the fabric can absorb the sperm.

When it comes to the nylon fetish, in most cases, it is the woman who wears nylon undergarments during sexual activity. In cases where there is a submissive male, the nylon fetish includes the man wearing nylon pantyhoses as a form of humiliation.

The sexual arousal by nylons can come by tearing or ripping the nylon undergarments as well as simply observing an individual who wears them. Either way, the fabric itself is what turns these fetishists on.