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Passionate Love

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Passionate love is a feeling of desire and attraction that is usually very intense and appears early in a relationship between two or more participants.

As a category, the passionate love as we know it today was initially researched by two relationship experts named Susan Sprecher and Elaine Hatfield. The two of them developed a scale in 1989, that will go on to become famous as the Passionate Love Scale. During their exploration of the category, these experts cultivated a theory that passionate love has multiple major components such as behavioral, emotional, and cognitive components. According to the studies, the passionate love has shown to decrease the proper functioning of the frontal lobe, which is the part of the brain that allows people to think logically. Due to such diminish, the people who are in passionate love are usually out of control and feel euphoric.

The key component of passionate love is a sexual attraction. Although it sounds like passionate love has a lot to do with real love, in reality, it represents an intense physical attraction that people have with each other. When a person falls in passionate love, they feel a strong desire to be sexually involved with their partner. Due to this, passionate love is often accompanied by passionate sex, which is the strongest urge the partners can feel.

Both, the passionate love and the passionate sex as forceful feelings have a reputation to be the shortest phase couples go through in their relationship. The majority of experts believe the phase does not last more than two years before it is replaced by compassionate love or in other words, companionship and calmer feelings of intimacy. When the passionate love goes through that transition so does the passionate sex, where the more adventurous side of it such as practicing sex games turns into something affectionate and sacred.