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Pillory Bed

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

A pillory bed is a term that describes a type of bed that has a stock built into its footboard or headboard. In medieval times, the stocks of such meds were used as a punishment of criminals. However, nowadays, the stock in the pillory beds is used as a bondage tool that closes around the head or anklets and wrists of a person.

Since the pillory beds are mainly used in BDSM plays, with the purpose of restraining a person, they are also known as bondage beds.

When it comes to pillory BDSM beds, depending on the design, the beds' stocks enclose, hence restrain the submissive partner's wrists, ankles, and/or head. Even though the design of the pillory bed can vary, the purpose of such beds remains the same. As a piece of furniture, the BDSM pillory beds completely restrict the movements of the submissive individual ensuring that they cannot escape.

To enter the stock, the submissive partner does not necessarily have to lie on the pillory bed. Alternatively, they can stand at the foot or the head of the bed and enter the hole by bending at the waist. This arrangement is perfect for engaging in rear-entry sex or for whipping the back of the submissive partner.

When restrained by a pillory bed, the submissives are unable to do anything, which allows the dominants to have complete control. If the dominant partner chooses to tease or torture the submissive, they can certainly do that. The activity may involve more intense sensations using devices such as floggers or whips, or a light sensual play. Penetration can occur as well. It can happen with the using of sex toys or through intercourse, which in this case is known as pillory sex. Besides sexual pleasure, the BDSM pillory beds can also be used for punishing or humiliating the submissive partner.

The people who have an interest in bondage furniture, are strongly advised to explore bondage tools first.