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Primal Fetish

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Primal fetish refers to the sexual preference of partners to become or connect with their most primal, animal selves. Even though you can usually find this term as a fetish, most of the primals define it as a style or state of mind. Each primal has an ‘inner creature’ that they release when appropriate. There are three possible sexual relations including a primal: primal with a non-primal, primal dom with a primal sub, and primal dom with a primal dom.

When a primal is with a non-primal, it is expected from them to follow societal rules and expectations and keep their behavior to themselves. However, it usually happens for their animal side to arise and they start following their instincts. Primal play is rough and animalistic, and it usually involves biting, scratching, wrestling, grabbing, licking, hair pulling, growling, grunting, and even cuddling. Yet, the primal fetish may also produce a silly, passionate or sensual play. It all depends on the instincts of the primal.

The ideal relationship involving a primal is a primal dom with a primal sub. More specifically, one of them likes to chase, whereas the other one likes being chased. The primal prefers playing with mouth, teeth, fingernails, hands, and muscles. There is usually no use of handcuffs, collars or leashes as in BDSM. The dominant partner is usually referred to as ‘Hunter’ and the submissive one is the ‘Prey’.

As in animal tribes, the primal fetish may also involve a tribe or a pack. The alpha is the dominant player of the group and there is a hierarchy of roles. As in animal packs, there may be other members willing to take the place of the alpha. This is usually solved by wrestling. Even though most primals don’t prefer monogamous relationships, there are lone wolves who like to be with one partner only. People with the primal fetish may identify with animals which will eventually determine and direct their behavior.

The primal fetish usually motivates people to join a BDSM online community. The resemblance lies in the dominance and submission which is present in both cases. Additionally, there are some limits and safe words present in the primal fetish and BDSM. Finally, primal fetish porn is becoming more popular due to primals discovering their true desires.