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Public Humiliation

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Public humiliation, as the term suggests, is a ritual of humiliating a person in front of other people. This practice is very common among BDSM couples where the humiliation is either verbal or physical and occurs in front of the couple's family, friends, or even strangers. Sometimes called BDSM public humiliation or humiliation play, public humiliation is a form of an erotic humiliation for at least one of the partners.

The way the public humiliation is performed is by forcing the submissive partner to wear a particular clothing item or a fetish item, by handcuffing them in a prominent public place, by being unable to speak in social settings, as well as by being prompted to remove their underwear. While these are some of the most common forms of public humiliation, dominant partners are constantly discovering new ways to humiliate their submissive partners publicly.

The BDSM public humiliation and the reason why it is so popular among BDSM couples is that it helps the dominants reinforce the power dynamic in the relationship making the submissives feel vulnerable. However, this does not mean the public humiliation should happen without the submissive's consent. Quite the opposite, just like other BDSM rituals, the partners should both agree on BDSM public humiliation because it can sometimes be psychologically distressing. Here, communication is the key and coming up with a safeword can lessen the risk that may occur from uncontrolled public humiliation.