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Rear Entry Sex

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

The term rear entry sex describes every sexual position in which one of the partners enters the other either vaginally or anally from behind. The rear entry sex refers to a broad category of sex positions couples can do during intercourse rather than a singular position. There are multiple rear entry sex positions including doggy style and other variations in which the partners lie down, stand, or site.

Expectedly, the spoon positions and the doggy style are the most regularly performed rear entry sex positions. In the sense of body posture, the rear entry sex position is comfortable for both participants in the act, therefore the satisfaction is mutual. When the couple involved is heterosexual, the entry sex allows the men to penetrate deep inside the woman and ultimately stimulate her G-Spot. The rear entry sex position is also very practical for homosexual couples as the posture gives the penetrator the ability to stimulate his partner's P-spot. Due to this, all of rear entry sex positions are perfect for experiencing orgasm and are considered highly enjoyable for the participants in the intercourse.

To enhance the rear entry sex, besides entering from behind, the penetrator can also stimulate the sex organ of his partner simultaneously. During the action, multiple different sex and bondage toys can be adopted. The penetrator can slap, whip, tie, and gently torture his partner to intensify the sensation.