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Ruined Orgasms

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

If you ever came upon this term, you have probably wondered ‘What is a ruined orgasm?’ or ‘Why would I want one?’ Well, ruined orgasm is a situation in which the partner’s genitals are stimulated to a point of no return, and suddenly the stimulation stops. Ruined orgasms are connected to tease and denial plays. There are two possible outcomes: either the partner will not experience an orgasm or the orgasm will be much less satisfying and intense.

If you are a woman and you are wondering how to ruin orgasm, you can stop stimulating your partner right before he ejaculates. However, be careful. Men tend to be really frustrated when this happens because in ruined orgasms they release semen, but don’t experience any pleasurable sensations as in full orgasms. The brain doesn’t release prolactin or oxytocin, which are connected to the post-orgasmic afterglow. Additionally, the partner will remain aroused and unsatisfied.

On the other hand, some men enjoy ruined orgasms. This can occur when the male is the submissive partner and wants his mistress to ruin the orgasm or when they masturbate. When it comes to a dominant-submissive partner relationship, the dominant partner usually ruins orgasms to control the submissive partner and show power. Tease and denial play can also be included in the sexual relationship. The benefit for the dominant partner is that they get to extend the sexual play and be pleased by their partner.

If ruined orgasms are something that turns you on, be aware that there is a large amount of ruined orgasm porn on the Internet. Make sure to get in the right mood by using some sex toys, either for solo play or with a partner.