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Sapphic is an adjective used to describe a woman who is romantically or sexually attracted to women. As a term, it can also be used to describe homosexual interactions between two or more women. Sapphic applies to both bisexual women and lesbians, as it revolves only around the attraction between the people from the same sex.

The adjective originates from Sappho, a Greek poet from the island of Lesbos. Although her work mentions intercourses between people of both sexes, to this day it is unsure whether her work was autobiographical or not. Sappho was believed to be either bisexual or a lesbian. Coming from Lesbos and Sapho, the terms lesbian and sapphic have long been used for describing female homosexuals. Reasonably, sapphic sex refers to the actual sexual activity between women.

Today, however, sapphic has multiple other meanings. Besides being used to describe a homosexual relationship between females, it can also be applied to any sensual, intimate, and loving women's interactions. For instance, female friends holding hands, or a mother kissing her daughter can also be considered a sapphic love.

Opposite from male homosexuality, sapphic sex and love are more accepted throughout the world. Many men are sexually aroused by female homosexual porn, which often features usage of dildos, vibrators, and other sex toys.

Because of the reason most people find female homosexuality more appealing, it is supported and even celebrated in some cultures and religions. Sapphic sex has been practiced for centuries throughout history in South American, Asian, and African tribal societies.