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Satin Fetishism

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

Satin fetishism is a type of sexual fetish or kink related to apparel or garments made of satin fabric. Usually, the satin fetish is directed towards people who wear it, but it can also be directed towards the garments themselves. The fetish works in a way that the fetishists feel aroused by the feel or the look of satin fabrics.

Heterosexual men make up the vast majority of satin fetishists. However, there are women who find pleasure in wearing satin garments as well. To satisfy their fetish, the satin fetishists often indulge in cross-dressing.
Generally, the attraction to satin, therefore the satin fetish itself may originate from the smoothness, the softness, the drape, or the shine of the satin material. Besides this, some fetishists also fancy the qualities that are associated with the satin such as luxury, romance, and elegance.

Today, there are many websites that are specifically designed for satin fetishists. On these pages, the fetishists can find videos of people wearing satin clothes engaging in sexual plays as well as photos. Since most of the people who have a satin fetish enjoy elegantly-dressed models more than naked ones, there also are non-erotic websites for the satin fetishist.

The most common satin fetishism' subset is the lingerie fetishism. This means that the satin fetishists, for the most part, are interested in one kind of satin garment. Apart from the lingerie fetishism, there also is something known as scarf fetishism and this is a growing group of satin fetishists. This group includes people who derive pleasure from wearing satin scarves or watching other people wear them.

Because of the fabrics' similar properties, in the majority of cases, the people who have satin fetish have silk fetish as well.