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Sex Restraint

 My First Blush Posted by My First Blush on

A restraint used during sexual activities is known as sex restraint. As a kind of restraints, sex restraints are most common in BDSM scenes and bondage play. As a result, these restraints are also recognized as BDSM restraints.

The sext restraint has the purpose of keeping the submissive partner from moving or escaping. The tools are often adopted during acts such as discipline, cock-and-ball torture, as well as erotic humiliation. By being tied up, the submissive's feelings of humiliation and helplessness are increased, which only contributes to the dominant's feeling of complete control.

Ranging from inexpensive and simple to costly and intricate BDSM restraints, there are a number of different types. Ropes are the most basic sex restraint, and unsurprisingly the one that is most regularly used. Other types of sex restraints can include padded leather wrist cuffs, body harnesses, handcuffs, bondage mitts, full-body suits, under-the-bed restraint system, and collars.

While the BDSM restraints can bring great pleasure for both participants in the bondage, the partners should still have the safety of the submissive in mind. As always, safewords are best to be ensured before the play begins in order to prevent discomfort, or even worse, injuries. Additionally, sex restraints should also be kept loose to prevent an extremities' circulation loss. Needless to say, the restrained person should never be in a position that can obstruct their breathing as well.